Time to move on, move up, or "get out"? Just follow our top 6 tips for Sellers and you should have an easier time! Do your homework – research recent sales in the area before you list your property. As properties could be bigger or smaller than yours, try to find the right price by comparing m2 prices. Advertise the property at the right price generate visits that finally will result in a sale. Another good indication of the correct selling price you can get by asking your bank for a pre-valuation. You only need to bring the nota simple of the property. Speak with your accountant and lawyer before listing your home to understand the financial and legal impact of the sale Understand the current state of the market vs. 6 months ago so you can be realistic in setting a fair market price with your agent Make sure that you are showing your property at its best. Present your house and garden/grounds, in the best condition possible. Repaint a stained wall, fix a loose tile, repair the window or the leaking tab, cut back the plants in the garden, mow the lawn and keep the…
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